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At HoloTech we research and develop digital holography, which is superior to the analog method in every aspect but far more complex. Digital holography allows the creation of a hologram using digital data sources, thus practically any 3D file can be imaged as a hologram. In the past years our R&D was focused on overcoming limitations of digital holography; we managed to significantly speed up the process, increase image quality, and make it price competitive. As a result, HoloTech developed the first scalable digital holographic technology that is suitable for commercial applications.

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Empty Factory

Our proprietary software and machinery have streamlined hologram production for both unique holograms and large number of copies.

H.1. Master machine

The H.1 is our own designed and built machinery. It is based on a complex optical layout involving RGB lasers, mirrors, lens, prisms and other optical elements. This machine is capable of producing Hogels (holographic pixels) as small as 0,2 x 0,2 mm, with 1024 x 1024 resolution and full colour spectrum. These holograms are full parallax, provide a 120° viewing angle, can be produced in both vertical and horizontal orientations, and are up to 60 cm x 80 cm in size. The entire production process is fully digital and each hologram produced can be different - there is no need for nano structures, plates or embossing.


R.2. Replication machine

The R.2 is our own designed and built machinery, engineered to create replicate holograms at high speed, accurately and consistently. It is roll-to-roll design, where a laser beam is used to record the holograms on photosensitive materials. The resulting holograms retain all properties of the master hologram produced by the H.1. The entire production process is digital - there is no need for nano structures, plates or embossing.



WebScape is our proprietary software package designed to ensure an efficient workflow. It allows the easy preparation of 3D models for hologram production from a wide variety of 3D formats, thereby significantly reducing the costs and time required of pre-production works. WebScape has two versions: One, as a plug-in for various 3D modelling programs used by professionals. Two, as its own program with a user friendly interface, allowing the easy drag and dropping of pre-made 3D models on cloud based platform.

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