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Highest Level of Counterfeit Protection 

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The visual appearance of our holograms are unparallel to anything else available. As a result any civilian can easily self–authenticate the product’s originality.


Our end to end technology allows the creation of a hologram from any digital 3D source such as scans, models or computer generated 3D file.


It is physically impossible to create an exact replica of our holograms. Even if someone could do something similar, its authenticity is easily identified.

Protection, IP, Barriers

HoloTech owns all related patents but more importantly, decades of intensive interdisciplinary research and development is required to create our unique product.


A huge number of 3D images can be combined into a single hologram so that each is visible from a specific range of angles.This also allows the creation of unique ID patterns.


Our proprietary software and machinery are perfectly integrated to provide a seamless workflow and are customizable to meet the needs of our clients


Our technology is highly versatile so we can tailor our products and services to our customers' needs.

Digital Combination

Our holograms can be combined with any currently available digital solution such as QR codes. 

Shapes and Sizes

We can create practically any sized holograms - from millimetres up to meters and can be cut into various shapes.

Surface Application

Our holograms are 24 microns thin and are highly durable so a wide range of application methods are possible. 

We are developing a new type of hologram which has a hidden interference pattern that is only readable by specific software. Our vision for the future is that Holo Tags can be scanned via any smartphone to reveal information about the origins of a product or document. This means that we have combined the perfect physical protection against replication with a unique digital complementary

- the perfect protection against counterfeiting.

In the R&D phase:
Hologram Scanning

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